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Pellet stoves

Easy control

Whether by remote control or via the application, it is very simple to switch the pellet stove on or off and to change its settings.

We also have solutions to control appliances located in isolated second homes.

Automatic Stove

Designed for stand-alone operation, pellet stoves can be configured to maintain a constant temperature.

Some models are also equipped with an ashtray self-cleaning system that allows weekly maintenance-free operation.

Stove Renovation

Pellet stoves can be used to replace or complement an open chimney or an existing heating system (electric, oil,...).

This is an interesting alternative that brings real added value to your heating concept.

Local and ecological

Locally produced, pellets are a fuel with a high yield.

In contrast to fossil fuels or electricity, pellets are CO2 neutral and help to preserve our environment.

Air stove

Pellet stoves are designed to heat your home with a fan to diffuse heat quickly or by natural convection (silent).

Thanks to a hot air pulsation system, it is possible on some models to heat up to 3 rooms independently with a single stove.

Hydraulic stove

Hydraulic pellet stoves work just like conventional stoves, with the difference that most of the energy produced is channelled for use in a hydraulic system.

These appliances can therefore be used as a heating system for an entire house and also produce domestic hot water. It can also be used in addition to an existing boiler.

Showroom Exposition Cheminee

Located in Fully in Valais, our 450 m2 showroom offers you a unique choice of living room fireplaces, soapstones, Scandinavian stoves, pellet stoves.

24/7 : Open showroom with free access
Lu-Ve : 8h - 12h / 13h30 - 18h     Sa : 9h - 16h
Route de Saillon 44, 1926 Fully