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Klover SOFT 100

Simple and efficient pellet stove

The Klover Soft 100 pellet stove, with its cast iron front and top, is as beautiful and efficient as it shines with its clean, clean lines. Available in four colours, matt black, pearl, bronze and grey, it will look elegant and discreet in any interior. Programmable over several days, it will switch on and off automatically for better energy management. Equipped as standard with wifi technology, you can control your pellet stove directly from wherever you are. With the possibility of adapting the exhaust pipe on the back or on the top of the stove, it will be easier to place it in the room.

Quiet pellet stove Soft 100

Although equipped with a disengageable forced ventilation system, the Soft 100 pellet stove is a silent stove that diffuses a gentle heat that is distributed by natural convection throughout the house.

Switching on is simply done with the remote control or through the dedicated application, it is possible to program operating time slots or an automatic mode. In automatic mode, the stove is switched on and off to maintain a constant temperature in your home.

This appliance is also equipped with the GAS system (automatic ashtray cleaning) which reduces the maintenance and cleaning cycles of the ashtray. The GAS system works by tilting the bottom of the round ashtray 90° before sending pressurized air to remove ashes and deposits.

It is possible to have a higher smoke outlet, the capacity of the pellet tank is 19kg and allows an autonomy of about 25 hours of non-stop operation in medium position.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

The Klover SOFT 100 is visible at our exhibition.

Reference Article Description
26.380.8050 LFWA 80 Standard: Wifi control, Remote control, Self-cleaning burner
26.380.8051 SOFT 100 Standard: Wifi control, Remote control, Self-cleaning burner
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Reference Article Description
26.757.8069 Upper smoke outlet
Rated power rating 9.5kW
Heating capacity ~240m3
Weight 155kg
Tank capacity 24kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 80Ø

Histoire d'une petite entreprise Italienne

L’histoire de KLOVER débute dans les années 70 à San Bonifacio, dans la province de Vérone, au nord de l'Italie.

La passion pour le travail, la forte détermination et la volonté de progresser, transmises de père en fils, ont transformé cette petite entreprise artisanale en une société économiquement solide, réputée pour sa qualité et son innovation, des valeurs profondément ancrées dans la tradition familiale.

Aujourd'hui, les produits, réalisés dans un espace de production de 20 000 m2, rencontrent un succès au sein d'un vaste marché, avec plus de 100 000 produits installés dans 30 pays du monde. Une tendance qui se confirme.