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Diva Slim the pellet stove A

The Diva Slim is a featherweight pellet stove, a very original stove that is a bit like a painting. With its facade of soapstone or white stone and glass, and its rounded corners, the Diva Slim is an absolute delicacy. ... Read more

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Klover DIVA SLIM : Hydro pellet stove

Technical data

Reference 26.7926
Rated power rating 18.4kW
Heating capacity ~450m3
Weight 220kg
Tank capacity 27kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 80Ø
Manufacturer KLOVER
Smoke outlet Back
Vision of fire Front window
Outside air Behind
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Reference Article
26.7926 DIVA SLIM Soapstone
26.7927 DIVA SLIM WOOD Rovere
26.9125 DIVA GLOSS
26.9922 DIVA SLIM Cream
26.9923 DIVA SLIM WOOD Wenge
26.9924 DIVA SLIM WOOD White
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Reference Article
26.8095 Wall-mounted remote control
26.8071 Wi-Fi module
26.8106 90° elbow for top or side flue gas outlet
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit