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Klover DUAL Hydro pellet stoves

Wood stove pellet stove and possibility of hot water production

With the alternating or simultaneous use of wood logs and pellets, the Italian Klover dual-energy Dual stove can also provide domestic hot water in the home. For example, you can start h... Read more

Technical data

Reference 26.7965
Rated power rating 27.4kW
Heating capacity ~680m3
Weight 330kg
Tank capacity 30kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 180Ø



Technical data sheet wood
Pellets data sheet
Declaration of performance
User's manual


Delivery time (free of charge) 1-3 weeks


Reference Article Description
26.7965 DUAL Ceramic front and top, steel sides.
26.7966 DUAL Front and top in ceramic, sides in steel. Domestic water production.


Reference Article Description
26.8071 Wi-Fi Management Module
2.8100 Commissioning by an authorised Klover service technician