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The Domo Back pellet stove, an exceptional duo In addition to its modern look, the Austrian pellet stove Domo Back offers all the comfort of a high-performance pellet stove with the added benefit of an integrated cooking oven. Adjustable independen... Read more

The DOMO BACK is visible at our exhibition with free access 24/7.      Watch the video

Technical data

Reference 8.10160
Rated power rating 10kW
Weight 185kg
Tank capacity 36kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 100Ø
Manufacturer RIKA
Smoke outlet Back, left, right
Vision of fire Front window
Outside air Behind
Tank autonomy 60h
Ductable hot air 1 output
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Reference Article
8.10160 DOMO BACK soapstone
Black body
8.10161 DOMO BACK white stone
Black body
8.10162 DOMO BACK stoneware cappuccino
Black body


Reference Article
8.10125 MULTIAIR adapter cable
To control the MULTIAIR blower
8.10073 RIKA room temperature sensor
With 5 m connection cable
8.10079 RIKA radio room temperature sensor
8.10071 Electronic room thermostat
With digital display, 5m connection cable
8.10072 Room thermostat
With rotary knob for temperature control and 5m connection cable
WIFI module for remote control of the stove
8.10132 Control panel wall mounted recessed
8.10133 Wall mounted control panel INCLUDED
8.10131 Oven tray
8.10097 Connection on the left: vertical pipe black + bottom piece pipe + RIKA flue pipe Ø 100 mm black
8.10095 Rear connection: Black vertical pipe + Bottom piece pipe
8.10096 Connection on the right: Black vertical pipe + Bottom piece pipe + RIKA flue pipe Ø 100 mm black
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit
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