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Klover STYLE 140 DUO Hydro pellet stove

Klover Style 140 Duo Gas contrasting pellet stove.

As always, the Italian Klover offers with this Style 140 duo Gas model a pellet stove of absolute elegance. Its heavy cylindrical cast iron structure plays on the contrast of materials with a double c... Read more

The Klover STYLE 140 DUO is visible at our exhibition with free access 24/7.      Watch the video

Technical data

Reference 26.9129
Rated power rating 17.7kW
Heating capacity ~420m3
Weight 195kg
Tank capacity 22kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 80Ø
Manufacturer KLOVER
Smoke outlet Back
Vision of fire Front window
Outside air Behind
Tank autonomy 36h
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Delivery time (free of charge) 1-3 weeks


Reference Article Description
26.9129 STYLE 140 DUO Standard: Self-cleaning ashtray
26.9130 STYLE 180 DUO Standard: Self-cleaning ashtray
26.9131 STYLE 220 DUO Standard: Self-cleaning ashtray


Reference Article Description
26.8070 Remote control
26.8071 Wi-Fi Management Module
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit Black or grey aluminum hose
2.8100 Commissioning by an authorised Klover service technician