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Thermo Aura Simple Pellet Stove.

The Thermo Aura pellet stove is available in four colours: matt black, pearl, bronze and grey. The cast iron front and top of the stove are the same. The soft lines of this vertical stove make it as elegant as it is powerful. Klover has left plenty of room for the pleasure of the flame through the large glass pane in the middle of the door.

Pellet stove and Thermo Aura self-cleaning brazier.

The patented Klover technology, which guarantees a total and ecological combustion of the pellets, also allows the cleaning of the brazier in an autonomous way thanks to a partial and reverse rotation. The Thermo Aura offers total safety with its anti-locking combustion air system and the ultra-fast ignition system. Safe and guaranteed operation, even in the event of sudden power failure.

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Klover THERMOAURA : Hydro pellet stove

Technical data

Reference 26.7928
Rated power rating 15kW
Heating capacity ~370m3
Weight 150kg
Tank capacity 21kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 80Ø
Manufacturer KLOVER
Smoke outlet Back
Vision of fire Front window
Outside air Behind
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Reference Article
26.7928 THERMOAURA Black
Standard: Self-cleaning ashtray
26.9919 THERMOAURA Ivory
Standard: Self-cleaning ashtray
26.9920 THERMOAURA Pearl
Standard: Self-cleaning ashtray
26.9921 THERMOAURA Bronze
Standard: Self-cleaning ashtray


Reference Article
26.8095 Wall-mounted remote control
26.8071 Wi-Fi module
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit