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Klover ECOMPACT 190

This pellet boiler can be integrated with all heating systems (under renovation or new construction). It can simply be operated with a sensor on your water tank, which turns the boiler on and off as required. All hydraulic components are integrated into the standard device, it is also possible to control a twin boiler or any other component of an existing heating system (3-way valve, DHW flow sensor). The boiler is made of stainless steel, the inferno is hermetic and the hydraulic connections are located on top of the unit, making installation and maintenance easier. The smoke outlet can be on top or at the back. It is self-cleaning (fireplace and turbulators), which reduces maintenance frequencies to a minimum. In addition, a pellet level sensor alerts you when it is necessary to recharge the device or activates a silo feeding system (storage of large quantities of pellets). As an option, the boiler can be remotely controlled by WiFi or in a room remotely controlled by an external control panel, for routine use, a touch control panel is located on the front of the unit.
The Klover ECOMPACT 190 is visible at our exhibition with free access 24/7.      Watch the video

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Klover ECOMPACT 190 : Pellet boiler

Technical data

Reference 26.7959
Rated power rating 18.5kW
Heating capacity ~450m3
Weight 320kg
Tank capacity 60kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 100Ø
Manufacturer KLOVER
Smoke outlet Top and back
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Reference Article
26.7959 ECOMPACT 190 boiler
Central heating
26.7960 ECOMPACT 190-P boiler
Central heating and domestic water production
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Reference Article
26.8095 Wall-mounted remote control
26.8096 Anti-condensation valve
1" - 55°C - Kv 9 m3/h
26.8071 Wi-Fi module
26.8132 Pellet suction system
Vacuum cleaner (BOX 1)