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Tonwerk T-LINE

Flexibility is always an excellent feature. In this sense, the T-LINE range, which is available in different moulded stones, harmonises with any environment and impresses with its proud look. With its large glass front and interesting contours, the storage champion, which can be rotated as an option, gives a brilliant image of itself in every position.

Just turn it on, the T-LINE takes care of everything else by itself. The result is impressive with more than 16 hours of gentle radiant heat. You turn it on in the morning, and in the evening you are still warm. Healthy warmth and efficient heating cannot be combined more conveniently.

For higher heat requirements, there is also a raised version, the T-LINE HV. The PLUS system option of the T-LINE combines the atmosphere of a chimney fire with the additional advantage of heat distribution throughout the house thanks to the Aqua Module which distributes the water. Thus, up to 50% of the available energy can be supplied to the heating circuit.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

The Tonwerk T-LINE is visible at our exhibition.

Reference Article Description
47.995.9385 T-LINE Coating: Raw
Face and cover: Raw or polished sanded
47.995.9386 T-LINE Soapstone cladding
47.995.9387 Raised T-LINE Coating: Raw
Face and cover: Raw or polished sanded
47.995.9388 Raised T-LINE Soapstone cladding
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Reference Article Description
47.1002.9356 Turntable without swivel connector, black
47.1002.9358 Swivel joint and wall rosette
47.1002.9359 Swivel coupling
47.1002.9360 Wall rose
47.1002.9361 Rear air inlet without sleeve (90°)
47.1002.9380 Rear flue
47.1002.9382 Partial sanding
47.1002.9362 Special chocolate and caramel colour
47.1002.9363 Special colour ruby red
47.1002.9383 PLUS aqua module
47.1002.9384 T-BOX control unit and armatures
Rated power rating 2.4kW
Weight 430/520kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø