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Skantherm Merano Wood stove with soapstone

Merano, the wood-burning stove as compact as it is essential.

For all those who only have a small volume or only want to heat a small space, the German Skantherm has designed the Merano wood-burning stove. Elegant, compact and high-performance, this n... Read more

Technical data

Reference 30.2005
Rated power rating 6kW
Weight 200kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø



Technical data sheet
Declaration of performance


Delivery time (free of charge) 2-4 weeks


Reference Article Description
30.2004 Merano (Steel) Stove Color: Grey<br /> Cladding: Steel
30.2005 Merano (Soapstone) Stove Color: Grey<br /> Cladding: Soapstone
30.2006 Merano (Tobacco Sandstone) Stove color: Black<br /> Cladding : Grès Tobacco


Reference Article Description
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit Aluminum flexible, external facade grille