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Skantherm Merano Steel or cast iron wood stove

Merano, the wood-burning stove as compact as it is essential.

For all those who only have a small volume or only want to heat a small space, the German Skantherm has designed the Merano wood-burning stove. Elegant, compact and high-performance, this n... Read more

Technical data

Reference 30.2004
Rated power rating 6kW
Weight 135kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø



Technical data sheet
Declaration of performance


Delivery time (free of charge) 2-4 weeks


Reference Article Description
30.2004 Merano (Steel) Stove Color: Grey<br /> Cladding: Steel
30.2005 Merano (Soapstone) Stove Color: Grey<br /> Cladding: Soapstone
30.2006 Merano (Tobacco Sandstone) Stove color: Black<br /> Cladding : Grès Tobacco


Reference Article Description
30.2007 Steel top plate for Merano steel
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit Aluminum flexible, external facade grille
30.9947 Soapstone top plate for Merano steel
30.9948 Soapstone heater compartment plate for Merano steel