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M-Design Luna Diamond 550V

If you are a fan of wood fireplaces, you will undoubtedly appreciate the fine and pure lines of this vertical wood fireplace. All in height, this small fireplace offers the full spectacle of the flames that get lost in an infinite ballet. Narrow and longitudinal, the Luna Diamond 550 V wood fireplace will easily find its place in all interiors, even the smallest. Thanks to its retractable glass, this narrow fireplace also allows you to enjoy the crackling of the wood.

A small wood-burning fireplace does not necessarily mean no technology. As with each of the elements in its Luna Diamond range, the Belgian company M-Design has equipped this insert with the latest technological innovations. High efficiency, self-cleaning glass, easy lighting and fire management...everything is there, including the choice of firebox bottom in refractory brick or steel.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

Reference Article Description
54.1018.9458 Luna Diamond 550V Without interior
incl. mounting frame
54.1018.9459 Luna Diamond 850V Without interior
incl. mounting frame
54.1018.9460 Luna Diamond 1000V Without interior
incl. mounting frame
54.1018.9461 Luna Diamond 1150V Without interior
incl. mounting frame
Fireplace dimensions
Declaration of performance
SWIPE Manual
Reference Article Description
54.1015.9352 Fresh air damper for a chimney
54.1015.9473 Built-in smoke damper With stem
54.1015.9474 Exposed smoke damper
54.1015.9479 Black steel interior - Luna Diamond V version wood
54.1015.9480 Refractory brick interior - Luna Diamond V version wood
54.1015.9561 Mounting frame black steel 4 mm | 4 sides 45 mm
54.1015.9562 Mounting frame black steel 4 mm | 4 sides 75 mm
54.1015.9563 Mounting frame black steel 4 mm | 4 sides 105 mm
54.1015.9624 SWIPE option For the operation of the automatic opening/closing of the window and firewall, automatic air flap and adjustment of the RGB LED lighting (5 m). Control of the fireplace with a smartphone or tablet (Apple/Android).
Reference 54.1018.9458
Dimensions 892 x 479 mm
Rated power rating 12kW
Weight 230kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 250Ø


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