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CHIMNEY FOR OUTDOOR USE, WITH SUSPENDED AND SWIVELLING FIREPLACE For those who want to rediscover the candour of childhood, the Ergofocus outdoor offers a mischievous, rustic campfire.

Technical data

Reference 51.8182
Rated power rating 5kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 213/219Ø
Manufacturer Focus




Reference Article
"Fire within range of life"
51.8182 Outdoor ERGOFOCUS
"Fire within range of life"
51.10032 ERGOFOCUS white
"Fire within range of life"
51.19630 ERGOFOCUS Holographik® (Holographic)
"Fire within range of life"
51.19631 ERGOFOCUS White Holographik® (Holographic)
51.19632 ERGOFOCUS Glazed
"Fire within reach of life".
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Reference Article
51.9810 Focus B1 connection kit
- For suspended models under bushel duct
- Matte black or Raw waxed steel finish
51.19629 Focus B2 connection kit
- For suspended models under insulated stainless steel conduit
- Matte black or raw waxed steel finish
51.9196 Black Focus conduit kit
- Price per meter
51.10024 Finishing disc
- Flat disc for false ceiling, straight or slanted, all dimensions
- Black matte finish or raw waxed steel