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Tulikivi SALVO S

Salvo's design is reminiscent of the Lampo stove. The elegance of the Salvo soapstone stove lies in the harmonious arrangement of the tiles and the rounded corners.

The finishing options are the classic smooth soapstone and the Grafia surface, on which irregular shimmering patterns have been created with a water jet. The modern, square-shaped door offers a superb view of the fire.

The front of the Salvo stove can be fitted with decorative plates above and below the door, the idea being the stylish meeting of different soapstone surfaces.

Two standard heights are available :

- The 18 version (1m85)
- The 21 version (2m15)

Heat release time as a percentage of maximum power (h)

- 6,7 h (100%)
- 20,4 h (50%)
- 30,5 h (25%)

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

Reference Article Description
32.343.2497 SALVO S 21 2D Grafia 1570 kg
32.343.2496 SALVO S 21 2D Classic 1570 kg
32.343.2495 SALVO S 21 Grafia 1570 kg
32.343.2494 SALVO S 21 Classic 1570 kg
32.343.2493 SALVO S 18 2D Grafia 1320 kg
32.343.2492 SALVO S 18 2D Classic 1320 kg
32.343.2491 SALVO S 18 Grafia 1320 kg
32.343.2490 SALVO S 18 Classic 1320 kg
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Rated power rating 35.5kW
Heating capacity ~150m3
Weight 1320kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø