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Tulikivi LAKO

The Lako stove is ideal to be placed against a straight wall. Its door opening on three sides offers a panoramic view of the fire from more than 80 centimetres at the front.

The upward sliding door of the Lako stove is easy to use and its opening when adding wood does not require any additional space.

A standard height is available, namely :

- The 18 version (1m84)

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

Reference Article Description
32.1006.9449 LAKO 18 Classic
32.1006.9450 LAKO 18 Grafia
32.1006.9451 LAKO 18 Nobile
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Reference Article Description
32.368.9577 Accumulation mass on top LAKO Sixty-five kilograms
Rated power rating 7.8kW
Heating capacity ~300m3
Weight 720kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø