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Tulikivi KAMMI

It is compact size makes it easy to position the Kammi stove in any room. Not only does it have a slender silhouette, but also an efficient heating capacity. You can choose between three soapstone surfaces: polished with a velvety feel, rough or suede-like. I... Read more

Technical data

Reference 32.2422
Rated power rating 5kW
Heating capacity ~300m3
Weight 490kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø
Manufacturer Tulikivi
Smoke outlet Top and back
Vision of fire Front window
Outside air Under and behind
Door with automatic closing Optional
Size of the logs 25cm
Heat accumulator Optional
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Reference Article
32.2422 KAMMI 14 Classic
32.2423 KAMMI 14 Grafia
32.2424 KAMMI 14 Nobile
32.2425 KAMMI 18 Classic
32.2426 KAMMI 18 Grafia
32.2427 KAMMI 18 Nobile
32.28045 KAMMI 14 Unica
32.28046 KAMMI 18 Unica
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Reference Article
32.16567 Back exterior stones harmonized with those on the sides
32.2562 Accumulation mass for Jokka and Kammi 14
46 kg
32.2563 Lateral accumulation mass
21 kg (per side), except Jokka
32.2564 Insulation kit for KAMMI 14
For the reduction of safety distances
32.16569 Outside air supply kit
ø125x1000mm for Henka, Jokka, Kammi, Kelo, Lako, Palas
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