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Tulikivi HENKA

The modern design of the Henka stove combines with the beauty of soapstone to create a timeless classic.

It's a small but very impressive stove. The soothing atmosphere of the fire spreads throughout the room through the generous horizontal glass door.

You can choose between two heights and three superb finishes: the smooth Classic finish, the structured Grafia or the slightly rough Nobile finish.

Two standard heights are available :

- The 14 version (1m40)
- The 18 version (1m85)

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

The Tulikivi HENKA is visible at our exhibition.

Reference Article Description
32.325.2409 HENKA 18 Nobile 660 kg
32.325.2408 HENKA 18 Grafia 660 kg
32.325.2407 HENKA 18 Classic 660 kg
32.325.2406 HENKA 14 Nobile 490 kg
32.325.2405 HENKA 14 Grafia 490 kg
32.325.2404 HENKA 14 Classic 490 kg
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Reference Article Description
32.368.2561 Accumulation mass on top Sixty-five kilograms
32.368.2563 Lateral accumulation mass 21 kg
32.368.2566 Insulation kit for HENKA 14 For the reduction of safety distances
32.368.2567 Insulation kit for HENKA 18 For the reduction of safety distances
Rated power rating 4.8kW
Heating capacity ~300m3
Weight 520kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø