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M-Design Luna Diamond 800DC

Modern and even avant-garde, this M-Design double-cornered wood fireplace was designed to offer you another view of the wood fire at 180°, on three sides.
With its unique glazing made of a single piece of folded glass, the restitution of the flame and the inferno are absolute. This self-cleaning glass is retractable to simplify the fire but also to increase the performance of this fireplace. The inside of the insert is always made of cast iron, steel or refractory stone.

At a time when energy savings are on all mouths, M-Design reinvents the very concept of the wood fireplace with this Luna Diamond 800 dc insert. Thanks to a unique and patented system, wood consumption is reduced and the energy performance is increased tenfold, bringing the efficiency to more than 80%.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

Reference Article Description
54.1021.9466 Luna Diamond 800DC Without interior
incl. mounting frame
54.1021.9467 Luna Diamond 1000DC Without interior
incl. mounting frame
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Reference Article Description
54.1015.9352 Fresh air damper for a chimney
54.1015.9473 Built-in smoke damper With stem
54.1015.9474 Exposed smoke damper
54.1015.9491 Black steel interior - Luna Diamond DC version wood
54.1015.9492 Refractory brick interior - Luna Diamond DC version wood
54.1015.9493 Cast iron interior - Luna Diamond DC version wood
54.1015.9494 Interior fine reinure cast iron - Luna Diamond DC version wood
Dimensions 650 x 569 x 428 mm
Rated power rating 12kW
Weight 240kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 200Ø