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The central glazed filiofocus is available in 2 versions corresponding to the dimensions of the hood: version 2000 and version 1600.

It consists of a conical hood, a fire pit and curved pyroceramic glasses.

The Filiofocus was awarded the gold medal of the Trophées du Design at the Batimat trade fair in Paris and the silver medal for design in Stuttgart.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.

Reference Article Description
51.793.8233 CENTRAL FILIOFOCUS 1600
51.793.8234 FILIOFOCUS CENTRAL 2000
51.793.8235 FILIOFOCUS WALL MOUNT 1600 Royal with the added bonus of sobriety.
51.793.8236 FILIOFOCUS WALL MOUNT 2000 Royal with the added bonus of sobriety.
51.793.9748 FILIOFOCUS CENTRAL 2000 White
51.793.9749 FILIOFOCUS CENTRAL 1600 White
51.793.9750 FILIOFOCUS MURAL 1600 White
51.793.9751 FILIOFOCUS MURAL 2000 White
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Rated power rating 9kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 213/219Ø