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Focus BATHYSCAFOCUS Focus Wood Fireplaces

Bathysfocus central fireplace with suspended and swivelling hearth Bathysfocus

Bold, comfortable and contemporary, the Bathysfocus central fireplace with suspended hearth is a real success both in terms of its heating capacity and its particularly accomplished aest...
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Rated power rating ~5.5kW
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Reference Article Description
51.766.8176 BATHYSCAFOCUS Art and the art of living are one
51.766.8177 BATHYSCAFOCUS open from the outside Art and the art of living are one
51.766.8178 BATHYSCAFOCUS with window The flames are made of dream syllables
Technical data Bathyscafocus
Technical data Bathyscafocus porthole
Bathyscafocus Performance Declaration
Bathyscafocus Porthole Performance Statement
Reference Article Description
51.981.9196 Meter of additional duct round section From 240cm height
51.981.9200 Joining sleeve
51.981.9220 Tar rejection
51.981.9340 Customized plate in the roof bias
51.981.9810 Suspension plate
Reference 51.766.8176
Rated power rating 5.5kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 213/219Ø


Located in Fully in Valais, our 450 m2 showroom offers you a unique choice of living room fireplaces, soapstones, Scandinavian stoves, pellet stoves.

24/7 : Open showroom with free access
Lu-Ve : 8h - 12h / 13h30 - 18h     Sa : 9h - 16h
Route de Saillon 44, 1926 Fully


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