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DOMOFOCUS OUTDOOR Outdoor fireplace

CHIMNEY FOR OUTDOOR USE WITH SUSPENDED AND SWIVELLING FIREPLACE 2 Competing with the Gyrofocus, its elder brother, the Domofocus outdoor offers a more feminine, slimmer, smiling silhouette...

Technical data

Reference 51.8180
Rated power rating 7kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 213/219Ø



Technical data sheet


Reference Article Description
51.8179 DOMOFOCUS "The scent of fire"
51.8180 outdoor DOMOFOCUS "The scent of fire"
51.10030 DOMOFOCUS white "The scent of fire"


Reference Article Description
51.9810 Focus B connection kit Suspension plate for suspended fireplaces
51.10022 Focus C connection kit For suspended chimneys under insulated flue
51.10025 Focus outdoor conduit kit Price per meter