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From Manincor Domino D8 Maxi

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The DOMINO wood stove is the perfect union of design, aesthetics and functionality. Ideal as a cooker and also as a powerful stove, with modern and essential lines and panoramic glass, it gives elegance and provides warmth to any living space, while offering ... Read more

Technical data

Reference 9.1681
Rated power rating 7.5kW
Weight 195kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 130Ø
Manufacturer De Manincor
Smoke outlet Top, back, left and right
Vision of fire Front window
Outside air Under and behind
Door with automatic closing Optional
Size of the logs 40cm
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 1 in stock, delivered in 3 days - see the availabilities


Reference Article
9.1680 Domino D8
According to the appendix.
9.1681 Domino D8 Maxi
According to the appendix.


Reference Article
9.9818 25mm spacer to measure (for built-in cooker)
Stainless steel top, front and base
9.16456 Spring for the automatic closing of the fireplace door