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Contura 890T

Because in Sweden wood stoves are part of the culture of life, the Swede Contura creates wood stoves that are true emotional revelations. Aesthetic, rational, economical, modern and ecological, Contura wood stoves leave no one indifferent. The clean lines and characterful design of the 890 t model make it an elegant stove. Its wide glass door offers a pleasant view of the blaze.

The Contura 890 t wood-burning stove consists of glass, steel and soapstone. The special feature of soapstone is that it releases the stored heat even after combustion has stopped. This means that the wood stove still gives off a gentle heat even several hours after it has been switched off. The Contura 890t is available in two colours: black or grey.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

The Contura 890T is visible at our exhibition.

Reference Article Description
50.1010.9319 Contura 890t - Grey Cast iron door with soapstone cladding
50.1010.9320 Contura 890t - Black Cast iron door with soapstone cladding
50.1010.9321 Contura 890tg - Black Glass door, soapstone cladding
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Reference Article Description
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50.968.9333 Self-closing reserve door, grey steel
50.968.9334 Self-closing reserve cover door white steel
50.968.9335 Outside air supply kit
50.968.9336 External air supply kit for swivel table
50.968.9338 Accumulator 25kg c890/896
Rated power rating 5kW
Weight 150kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø