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Tulikivi LAMPO S

The Lampo masonry heater has a vertically oriented rectangular door that gives it a modern look. Its rounded corners and the arrangement of different sized tiles give it a refined decorative touch.

The finishing options are the classic smooth soapstone and the Grafia surface, on which irregular shimmering patterns have been etched with a water jet.

It is also possible to combine different soapstone surfaces with door-width decorative plates on the front of the stove.

Two standard heights are available :

- The 18 version (1m85)
- The 21 version (2m15)

Heat release time as a percentage of maximum power (h)

- 5,6 h (100%)
- 17,5 h (50%)
- 25,5 h (25%)

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

Reference Article Description
32.336.2382 LAMPO S 21 Nobile (T) 1300 kg
32.336.2381 LAMPO S 21 Grafia (T) 1300 kg
32.336.2380 LAMPO S 21 Classic (T) 1300 kg
32.336.2379 LAMPO S 18 Nobile (T) 1100 kg
32.336.2378 LAMPO S 18 Grafia (T) 1100 kg
32.336.2377 LAMPO S 18 Classic (T) 1100 kg
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Dimensions and installation drawings Lampo 18 S
Dimensions and installation drawings Lampo 21 S
Operating instructions Karelia
Performance declaration version 18
Performance declaration version 21
Rated power rating 27.6kW
Heating capacity ~125m3
Weight 1100kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø


Located in Fully in Valais, our 450 m2 showroom offers you a unique choice of living room fireplaces, soapstones, Scandinavian stoves, pellet stoves.

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