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Tulikivi JOKKA Wood stove with soapstone

The Jokka stove is a real eye-catcher, its large corner door allows you to admire the fire throughout the room.

The dimensions of this minimalist stove make it possible to install it even in a small space. It is placement is also made easier by the possibility of cho...
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Heating capacity ~300m3 - 5.7kW
Delivery time (free of charge) 2-4 weeks
Reference Article Description
32.326.2410 JOKKA L 14 Classic Left side window
32.326.2411 JOKKA R 14 Classic Right side window
32.326.2412 JOKKA L 14 Grafia Left side window
32.326.2413 JOKKA R 14 Grafia Right side window
32.326.2414 JOKKA L 14 Nobile Left side window
32.326.2415 JOKKA R 14 Nobile Right side window
32.326.2416 JOKKA L 18 Classic Left side window
32.326.2417 JOKKA R 18 Classic Right side window
32.326.2418 JOKKA L 18 Grafia Left side window
32.326.2419 JOKKA R 18 Grafia Right side window
32.326.2420 JOKKA L 18 Nobile Left side window
32.326.2421 JOKKA R 18 Nobile Right side window
Dimensions and assembly drawings Jokka 14
Dimensions and assembly drawings Jokka 18
Declaration of performance
Operating instructions Pielinen
Reference Article Description
32.368.2562 Accumulation mass for Jokka and Kammi models 46 kg
32.368.2570 Insulation kit for JOKKA L/R 14 For the reduction of safety distances
Reference 32.326.2410
Rated power rating 5.7kW
Heating capacity ~300m3
Weight 480kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø