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Tonwerk T-NEO Storage stoves

This is certainly the description that most aptly applies to the NWT. Its inimitable design stands out advantageously from all previous stoves. The large all-stone claddings, with their characteristic roundness, are available in a variety of colour combinations, as is customary a...
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Rated power rating ~2.4kW
Warranty 5 years
Delivery time (free of charge) 2-4 weeks
Reference Article Description
47.9390 T-NEO Side panel: Raw (steel back panel)
Face and Lid: Raw or polished sanded
47.9391 T-NEO Cladding: Soapstone, steel back panel
Declaration of performance
Instructions for use
Reference Article Description
47.9378 DUO convection module
47.9356 Turntable without swivel connector, black
47.9358 Swivel joint and wall rosette
47.9359 Swivel coupling
47.9360 Wall rose
47.9389 Rear panel in rough structured or polished stone
47.9361 Rear air inlet without sleeve (90°)
47.9380 Rear flue
47.9374 Partial sanding for all colours except white
47.9375 Side panel in white, polished sanded
47.9362 Special chocolate and caramel colour
47.9363 Special colour ruby red
47.9383 PLUS aqua module
47.9384 T-BOX control unit and armatures
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit Aluminum flexible, external facade grille
Reference 47.9390
Rated power rating 2.4kW
Weight 420kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø