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Skantherm Elements 400 front

Skantherm Elements 400 Front Wood Stove, become a flame director.

Because each of us has different needs, different desires and a unique interior, the German Skantherm offers a modular wood stove for leisure. With Elements 400 Front, become the direct... Read more

Technical data

Reference 30.1989
Rated power rating 5kW
Weight 160kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø
Manufacturer Skantherm
Smoke outlet Top and back
Vision of fire Front window
Storage for wood Underneath, on the left, on the right
Outside air Under and behind
Door with automatic closing Yes
Size of the logs 25cm
Heat accumulator Optional
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Reference Article
30.1988 Elements 400 angle
According to the appendix.
30.1989 Elements 400 front
According to the appendix.
30.1990 Round elements
According to the appendix.
30.1991 Elements 603 front
According to the appendix.
30.1992 Elements 603 tunnel
According to the appendix.
30.1993 Elements 603 3S
According to the appendix.
30.10064 Elements 400 3S
According to the appendix.
30.16566 Elements 603 2S
According to the appendix.
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Reference Article
30.19699 Black fireplace lining
30.8334 Optical box 40.0 cm
30.8352 Door for basic box 40 cm
30.8357 Basic box 40 cm with TipOn drawer
30.8361 Optical box 60.3 cm
30.8377 Lockable door 58.8 x 18.5 cm for optical and base box
30.8381 TipOn drawer, drawer for optical box and base 59.0 x 40 x 18.7 cm
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