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M-Design Luna Diamond 750RD

The Luna Diamond 750 RD is a closed hearth herringbone chimney. This rectangular chimney, glazed on three sides, allows a separation of space without ever masking the flame.

In the nose of the partition, it offers an absolutely perfect design. Originating from the Ateliers Belges de M-Design, this closed hearth fits as well into a new construction in contemporary style as it does into the renovation of an old property. The retractable windows of this fireplace allow wood to be loaded without difficulty.

The glass panes tilt at 45° to facilitate maintenance and cleaning of the glass parts and the fireplace. Luna Diamond fireplaces are fireplaces to be framed. The exceptional sobriety of their shapes and the exceptional finesse of their lines are a guarantee of elegance.

Rediscover all the charm of a fireplace in double exposure so as not to lose any pleasure from one room to another.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

Reference Article Description
54.1023.9470 Luna Diamond 750RD Without interior
incl. mounting frame
54.1023.9471 Luna Diamond 1000RD Without interior
incl. mounting frame
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Reference Article Description
54.1015.9352 Fresh air damper for a chimney
54.1015.9473 Built-in smoke damper With stem
54.1015.9474 Exposed smoke damper
54.1015.9499 Black steel interior - Luna Diamond RD version wood
54.1015.9500 Refractory brick interior - Luna Diamond RD version wood
54.1015.9501 Cast iron interior with large reinure - Luna Diamond RD wood version
54.1015.9502 Interior fine reinure cast iron - Luna Diamond RD version wood
Dimensions 500 x 450 x 750 mm
Rated power rating 14kW
Weight 330kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 250Ø