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It is a long time ago when chimneys were only supposed to be efficient. Today, everyone takes special care of their interiors. Art of living and decoration are almost as important as the heating capacity of a wood-burning heater.
It is in this spirit that Focus has designed and created this central fireplace with a glass hearth. At the end of its tube, the Agorafocus central fireplace offers a 360° view of a swivelling fireplace that will also illuminate the living room like a lighthouse.

Sober and contemporary, this Agorafocus central fireplace has a very high thermal efficiency. Suspended, the closed glass fireplace can also be placed on a suitable base which completes this harmonious ensemble. Equipped with four panes of glass, including two fixed transoms, the Agorafocus central fireplace is very easy to maintain thanks to its other opening panes.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.

Reference Article Description
51.765.8174 AGORAFOCUS 630 Intimate lighthouse
51.765.8175 AGORAFOCUS 850 Fires to read with full hands
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Reference Article Description
51.981.9230 Curved glass Agorafocus 630 Spare part
51.981.9166 Standard holding flange
51.981.9168 Tailor-made holding flange
51.981.9179 Pivoting device
51.981.9180 Suspension device
51.981.9195 Rotation limitation
51.981.9159 Aerosol white paint 150 ml carton of 6
51.981.9160 Aerosol grey paint 150 ml carton of 12
51.981.9162 Aerosol black paint 150 ml carton of 6
51.981.9173 Made to measure steel elbow + chimney sweep hatch
51.981.9174 Custom black steel elbow
51.981.9175 Skewed section of the duct
51.981.9178 Fresh air supply device
51.981.9190 Focus Glove
51.981.9196 Meter of additional duct round section From 240cm height
51.981.9200 Joining sleeve
51.981.9220 Tar rejection
51.981.9172 100% closed draw key
Rated power rating 11kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 213/219Ø