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Contura 556

With its three large glass sections, the wood stove 556 from Sweden's Contura goes back to the essence of a wood fire. The wood fire that warms the body, protects from the bite of the cold outside and the pleasure of the flame in which we lose all our bearings. Small, compact and essential, this Contura wood stove is a concentrate of happiness that will act as a stimulator of conviviality in the heart of your home. The different finishes available will allow you to adapt this stove to any interior.

Small and compact, the Contura 556 Scandinavian wood-burning stove is an economical, environmentally friendly and long-lasting heating system. Rated A+ in terms of energy efficiency, it has an efficiency rate of around 80%.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

Reference Article Description
50.923.8950 Contura 556:1 Grey Cast iron door, Cast iron tray
50.923.8951 Contura 556:1 Black Cast iron door, Cast iron tray
50.923.8952 Contura 556:2 Black Cast iron door, Glass top (black body)
50.923.8953 Contura 556:3 Black Cast iron door, soapstone top plate
50.923.8954 Contura 556:3 Grey Cast iron door, soapstone top plate
50.923.8955 Contura 556G:1 Black Glass door, Cast iron top
50.923.8956 Contura 556G:2 Black Glass door, Glass shelf
50.923.8957 Contura 556G:3 Black Glass door, Soapstone top
50.923.8958 Contura 556G:1 White Glass door, Cast iron top
50.923.8959 Contura 556G:2 White Glass door, Glass shelf
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Reference Article Description
50.965.9094 Short 6 mm glass floor plate
50.965.9095 Cooking plate Only for rear connected stoves
50.965.9096 Automatically controlled fan 230V
50.965.9097 Door with damped closure Supplied with the purchase of a ventilator
50.965.9098 Additional heat storage units 50 kg
50.965.9099 Swivel plate Including swivel sleeve
50.965.9100 External air connection for turntable
50.965.9101 Outside air connection Aluminium hose with anti-condensation insulation, length 1000 mm, reducer diam. 64 mm to dam. 100 mm, hose clamps.
Rated power rating 5kW
Weight 105kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø