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Tonwerk T-SKY

Better than any other, T-SKY combines ecology, innovation and design in a sensational way. Its generous, single-piece glass façade perfectly complements this elegant design, offering a fascinating experience by the fire from any angle. In addition to the patented strengths of the eco2 range, the T-SKY DUO model variant is also equipped with the proven convection module for higher di- recte heat output. Another special feature is that all T-SKY models are equipped with an ignition lever, which facilitates the ignition process in the event of poor draught or difficult weather conditions. As with all Tonwerk storage stoves, there are many elements available to create your own individual stove, such as hand-made stone cladding, variable flue gas discharge and a 360° turntable that allows the stove to be rotated on its own axis. Guaranteed heat accumulation of approx. 10 hours.
The Tonwerk T-SKY is visible at our exhibition with free access 24/7.      Watch the video

Technical data

Reference 47.9381
Rated power rating 2.6kW
Weight 380kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 150Ø
Manufacturer Tonwerk
Smoke outlet Top and back
Vision of fire Front window
Outside air Under and behind
Door with automatic closing Yes
Size of the logs 33cm
Heat accumulator Integrated
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Reference Article
47.9378 DUO convection module
47.9379 Automatic air damper eco2
47.9356 Turntable without swivel connector, black
47.9358 Swivel joint and wall rosette
47.9359 Swivel coupling
47.9360 Wall rose
47.9361 Rear air inlet without sleeve (90°)
47.9380 Rear flue
47.9374 Partial sanding for all colours except white
47.9375 Side panel in white, polished sanded
47.9362 Special chocolate and caramel colour
47.9363 Special colour ruby red
2.9772 Outside fresh air kit
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