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Flat neoceram glass Custom-made glass and refractory plates for stoves

To be cut to size. Just tell us the dimensions and we'll take care of the rest.

Technical data

Reference 2.9778
Manufacturer Carron-Lugon



Reference Article Description
2.7883 Ytong Renova 5cm
2.7884 Ytong Renova 7.5cm EI 90
2.7895 Ytong Renova 10cm EI 120
2.7896 Ytong Renova 12cm EI 180
2.7908 Flumroc FPI 700 With aluminium face 30 mm
2.8419 Silca 250KM Fireproof plate - Dimensions: 1250x500x40 mm
2.9778 Neoceram glass Cut to size
2.9802 Silcaprotect EI60 Dimensions: 1000x625x30mm

Price per square meter
2.16466 15kg bag of pellets
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