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M-Design Luna Diamond 900CL - CR

Luna Diamond 900 CL CR, right angle or left angle?
If certain configurations sometimes impose cornelian choices, with the Luna Diamond 900 CL or 900 CR wood-burning fireplace, you will no longer have to choose. This chimney is available with right or left angle. Both sides of this corner insert are designed and constructed with a single piece of folded glass. Retractable glass, absolute transparency, large, modern and super easy to live with. In short, the wooden fireplace Luna Diamond 900 CL-CR has everything you could wish for.

The Luna Diamond 900 CL-CR wood fireplace is a true concentrate of technology and is one of the flagships of the Belgian company M-Design. Optimised efficiency with a heating performance of over 80%, self-cleaning glass, easy lighting and fire short, this insert is a marvel of innovation. Once again M-Design gives you the choice between four interior finishes: refractory stone, coarse or fine grooved cast iron or steel.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.
In United States, we can deliver it to your address.

The M-Design Luna Diamond 900CL - CR is visible at our exhibition.

Reference Article Description
54.1022.9468 Luna Diamond 900CL CR Without interior
incl. mounting frame
54.1022.9469 Luna Diamond 1100CL CR Without interior
incl. mounting frame
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Reference Article Description
54.1015.9352 Fresh air damper for a chimney
54.1015.9473 Built-in smoke damper With stem
54.1015.9474 Exposed smoke damper
54.1015.9495 Black steel interior - Luna Diamond CL - CR version wood
54.1015.9496 Refractory brick interior - Luna Diamond CL - CR version wood
54.1015.9497 Cast iron interior with large reinure - Luna Diamond CL - CR version wood
54.1015.9498 Interior fine reinure cast iron - Luna Diamond CL - CR version wood
Dimensions 800 x 469 x 423 mm
Rated power rating 15kW
Weight 300kg
Diameter / Smoke outlet 250Ø