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Focus SLIMFOCUS on stand


The Slimfocus is a flame periscope.

It is particularly compact and can be installed in a central, wall or corner position. Its exceptional aesthetic fluidity makes it a major model in the Focus range.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.

Reference Article Description
51.801.8247 SLIMFOCUS on stand A periscope of flames
Closed with suction cup
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Reference Article Description
51.981.9166 Standard holding flange
51.981.9168 Tailor-made holding flange
51.981.9195 Rotation limitation
51.981.9162 Aerosol black paint 150 ml carton of 6
51.981.9196 Meter of additional duct round section From 240cm height
Rated power rating 7kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 324Ø