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In an artistic impulse and in order to fight against the trivialization of space, the designer Dominique Imbert created the Omega Focus.

This contemporary fireplace with a sculptural façade conceals an insert integrated into the partition. Only the waxed steel plate protrudes from the wall like a scar. This opening letting the fire show through is traced by Dominique Imbert himself and opened in his presence. Each model is therefore unique.

The steel front is a 90° opening door that allows the loading of the insert. Each door is signed and numbered by the designer; they can also be made with a rusty front. These Omegafocus fireplaces are also available in a gas version.

Halfway between a traditional wall fireplace and a work of art, this Focus creation will find its place in all interiors where it will bring a note of originality.

We can only install this product in Switzerland.

Reference Article Description
51.787.8226 OMEGAFOCUS opening front in waxed steel
51.787.8227 OMEGAFOCUS opening front panel in rusted steel
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Rated power rating 16kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 256/260Ø