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EUROFOCUS Focus Focus Gas Fireplaces

Eurofocus is open book and the reward for its open flames is to be read from head to toe, in its entirety.

This model was awarded the Mercure du Design (Paris)

Rated power rating ~14kW
Reference Article Description
51.792.8232 EUROFOCUS A presence clothed in light and shadow.
Instructions for use
Reference Article Description
51.981.10021 Focus A connection kit Suspension plate for wall-mounted or free-standing fireplaces
51.981.9196 Focus conduit kit Price per meter
51.981.10024 Finishing disc Flat disc for false ceiling, straight or slanted, all dimensions
Reference 51.792.8232
Rated power rating 14kW


Located in Fully in Valais, our 450 m2 showroom offers you a unique choice of living room fireplaces, soapstones, Scandinavian stoves, pellet stoves.

24/7 : Open showroom with free access
Lu-Ve : 8h - 12h / 13h30 - 18h     Sa : 9h - 16h
Route de Saillon 44, 1926 Fully