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Bringing together madness and wisdom, the Bathyscafocus on foot likes to showcase the talent of colourful flames. The simple obviousness of its hearth is an invitation to rest the eyes and the mind, a benevolent invitation to serenity and calm. The standin... Read more

Technical data

Reference 51.8229
Rated power rating 9kW
Manufacturer Focus




Reference Article
51.8229 BATHYSFOCUS on stand
"An escapee from the sea"
51.9747 BATHYSFOCUS on white stand


Reference Article
51.10021 Focus A connection kit
- For wall-mounted or free-standing models
- Matte black or raw waxed steel finish
51.9196 Black Focus conduit kit
- Price per meter
51.10024 Finishing disc
- Flat disc for false ceiling, straight or slanted, all dimensions
- Black matte finish or raw waxed steel