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Focus AGORAFOCUS 850 Focus Wood Fireplaces

Agorafocus 850, the contemporary central fireplace with glass insert

A long black metal pipe at the end of which the caged fire is visible from all points in the room. This is an achievement that does not go unnoticed. The Agorafocus 850 fireplace, w... Read more

Technical data

Reference 51.8175
Rated power rating 12kW
Diameter / Smoke outlet 265/273Ø



Technical Data Sheet Agorafocus 850
Declaration of performance


Reference Article Description
51.8174 AGORAFOCUS 630 "Intimate lighthouse"
51.8175 AGORAFOCUS 850 "Fires to read with full hands"
51.10027 AGORAFOCUS 630 on stand "Intimate lighthouse"


Reference Article Description
51.9810 Focus B connection kit Suspension plate for suspended fireplaces
51.10022 Focus C connection kit For suspended chimneys under insulated flue
51.9196 Focus conduit kit Price per meter
51.10024 Finishing disc Flat disc for false ceiling, straight or slanted, all dimensions
51.10067 Stand with ashtray for Agorafocus 850 and Edofocus 850